Wouldn’t it be exciting if you could connect to someone who already lives where you’re moving to so you could ask them the millions of questions you have?  That’s what our Youth Sponsorship Program is designed to do!

The program helps you connect with another youth or teen who already lives at your new location and knows how to make your move easier.  He or she can answer any questions you might have.

Have a new friend before you arrive.  You’ll know a familiar face even before you arrive.

This can make meeting other people much easier.

Learn about your new school and base before you get there.  Before you move, you’ll get paired up with another youth or teen your age (your “sponsor”).  In some cases, your sponsor may attend the school you’ll be attending.  They can tell you what the teachers are like and what fun things are going on!

Questions?  You must be curious to find out about living in your new home.  Don’t worry, your sponsor can help.  Ask things about your school, youth programs and activities, local customs, and anything else that’s on your mind.

Get a tour.  Ask your sponsor to take you around the base or around the school.  Through the wonders of technology, your sponsor might be able to give you a virtual tour before you arrive.

Get started! The first step to a successful youth sponsorship is connecting with a sponsor.  Whether moving to Germany or from Germany, email or with your name, age, school grade, gender, where you’re going to or coming from, and any hobbies or activities that you really enjoy.  If you’re moving to Germany and you’re not sure where you’ll be living, email both!  You’ll have a chance to get to know your new friend and your new installation before you arrive.

Exchange emails, talk on the phone or chat online.  It’s that simple!

Remember, your sponsor was the new kid not so long ago. He or she will be excited to introduce you to your new adventure.  Once you arrive at the new installation, make plans to meet up with your sponsor.  He or she can then show you around and introduce you to other youth or teens your age.

Become a Sponsor! Help others feel at home at their new installation.

If you aren’t moving for a while or you’ve already moved, become a sponsor for another youth or teen who’s moving to your school or installation.  Talk with your Youth Center’s Advisor for Keystone (ages 13+) or Torch (ages 9-12).

For more information and resources to help military youth and teens navigate everything from the unique challenges of a mobile military lifestyle to managing their social lives, saving money, and going green, visit “Moving Overseas with Children” and other articles.

Whether coming or going, we’re excited to help with your transition.


Ramstein and Vogelweh Youth Programs