Welcome to Morón Air Base, Spain!

Morón Air Base is approximately 8 miles northwest of Morón de la Frontera. Morón Air Base is a Spanish Air Force installation with a Colonel as the base commander. Our squadron commander is Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin L. Carroll. He also serves as the installation United States Forces Commander.

We are a very small community and take pride in providing the best customer service to our Team Morón members. We all know this can be a stressful time for everyone. As this is a very small community, it is necessary for all our Team Morón members to volunteer and help promote events on base. Additionally, if you are bringing a spouse and/or family, please ask your sponsor to put you in contact with the 496 Key Spouse for additional family information. They will augment your sponsor to be certain your family has all the information they desire before and after you arrive.

We recommend you go to the local library and get familiar with the Spanish language as the Spanish speak little to no English. Most non-Spanish speaking Americans find the culture frustrating as they are unable to communicate with the local Spaniards. However, the Spanish are very friendly and will try to help you, but English is not a second language spoken in the surrounding communities.

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Where is Morón?

Morón Air Base is approximately 8 miles northwest of Morón de la Frontera

The Spanish culture is a vibrant and festive one. Spanish locals take celebrating Holidays, Holy Week, Christmas and other town-related activities very seriously. Try to stay up-to-date with the local holidays to avoid cancelling your plans due to local festivities.

It is worth mentioning that in the Andalucía region, taking a siesta (nap) is a big part of regional culture. Therefore, the majority of the businesses, shops and restaurants close from 1400-1700. Shopping malls and some restaurants in Sevilla remain open, but local shops in Utrera and Morón de la Frontera will close during this time.

The majority of the shops, stores and shopping centers are closed on Sundays as it is considered a family day. However, restaurants will remain open.

Typical meal hours are different from what U.S. residents are used to. Breakfast typically starts anywhere from 0800 to 1100, lunch takes place from 1400-1600 and dinnertime is from 2000- 2200.

Driving in Morón and Vehicle Shipment

Our traffic management office (TMO) inbound representatives, 496 ABS/LGTTH Personal Property, will contact you and your servicing transportation function to ensure you have a smooth transition from your last duty station to Spain. We have full confidence that this will be the best move you’ve experienced in your Air Force career.

If you wish to bring a vehicle with you, consider shipping it as early as possible. Your entitlement to ship a vehicle expires 12 months prior to your DEROS. If your vehicle’s projected arrival date is after this date, the vehicle will be shipped at owner expense. Additionally, renting vehicles in Spain is expensive, even for a small vehicle (smaller than a Ford Fiesta). For larger families, there aren’t many options and the added cost for a large rental vehicle can be staggering to your budget. The Navy Exchange hosts a rental concessionaire on Morón, plus there are rental agencies in Morón de la Frontera, Seville (approximately 45 minutes away) and near Naval Station Rota (approximately 1 1/2 hours away). However, there are special requirements concerning rental vehicles entering Morón Air Base. Our Vehicle Registration and Spanish Pass & ID representative can provide the information.

It is very important to ensure your vehicle is in very good running condition prior to shipping. We do not have an automotive mechanic shop on base, nor an auto hobby shop. If you own a Ford with an automatic transmission, we recommend you get it inspected prior to arriving as the local off-base mechanics are not experienced in overhauling automatic transmissions. The better Ford dealership is in Seville (45 minutes away from base). It is often difficult and more expensive off-base to purchase parts for a vehicle with US specifications. Most likely you will order your parts through Rota’s AutoPort or online. There are local dealerships for GMC, Chryslers, Mazda and Nissan. Let your sponsor know what type and size of vehicle you are shipping to find out the available support in the local area. If you have a European specification vehicle, you will be able to get your vehicle serviced relatively easy, assuming you either speak Spanish or can find a translator. Once you have your part, off-base mechanics are very reasonable. In accordance with the SOFA, members may import only ONE tax free vehicle into Spain. You may not ship one vehicle and drive one vehicle into Spain as this is not permitted. You may buy a vehicle tax free (European specs) from a local dealer or at Rota (Pentagon Car Sales, Volvo, etc.). Additionally, if you did not ship a vehicle, you may purchase a vehicle from another military member, if available, after your arrival. Further questions about vehicle ownership and registration may be directed to our Pass & ID representative.

Driving in Spain is interesting, to say the least. If you are coming from the States and have never been to Europe, the road signs and aggressive drivers offer a challenge, but you will soon get acclimated. You need a valid (not expired) state driver’s license and overseas insurance. You can download the Spanish Driver’s License Study Material from the 496 ABS AF Portal page. The test will be provided during your scheduled Right Start appointment. Dependents may take the test at the base library. Again, our Pass & ID representative can provide information on the requirements.

If you are a motorcycle rider, please keep in mind USAFE requires refresher training every 3 years. This training is not available at Morón AB, but can be accomplished at NS Rota. Also, helmets must meet certification requirements of ECE 22.05 for both the rider and the passenger. Additional guidance is available in AFI 91-207 USAFESUP1. If you choose to ship a motorcycle, this will count as your one tax free vehicle import authorization mentioned above.

You may want to consider buying a vehicle in country if you don’t have one small enough or of low value to bring with you. Consider that many towns have extremely narrow roads and off base it is common for individuals to park their vehicle very tightly and they may not care if they dent their vehicle or yours. Those factors, coupled with the difficulty of repairing many vehicles brought from the states, lead some people just to wait and purchase one when they get here. There are usually a few vehicles here at Morón for sale and NS Rota has a lemon lot as well as a base paper with ads for used car sales. Your sponsor may be able to help you decide which option is best for you. Avoid shipping oversized vehicles!


If you are an E-3 or below, you will live on base in the dormitory where you will be assigned a room and share the shower/toilet and kitchen area with a suitemate. If you are on a 24-month accompanied tour, you have the option of living on or off base. Please visit the following websites to obtain more information about housing both on and off base. www.housing.af.mil and www.homes.mil. If you are on a 15-month unaccompanied tour and you are an E-4 and above, you will live off base. Our Base Housing representatives will help you find suitable leases in the surrounding areas. It’s very important to fill out your housing application, DD form 1746 and have your housing office forward it to our family housing representatives. The closest areas surrounding the base are: La Ramira, Morón de la Frontera and Utrera. La Ramira is a subdivision with chalets, reminiscent of a country environment, and most homes have outdoor swimming pools. It has been reported that some homes in La Ramira have poor Internet connections and cell phone reception is poor depending on which provider you choose. Morón de la Frontera and Utrera are cities with European-style accommodation. Most rentals in these cities are townhouses with very little or no yards. Some rental units are duplexes and there are a few chalets. Most homes in these cities are within walking distance to shops and cafés. Parking could be an issue depending on the size of your vehicle.

If available, you might consider living on base. Homes have been renovated and are quite nice with ceramic tile floors, full size appliances, central heat and air, abundant lighting, decent sized kitchen and the 110 outlets that we use in the States. The housing area is small with just 20 houses and 2 playgrounds in the center. On-base living provides convenient access to all base facilities with or without a car as everything is within easy walking or biking distance. The base offers two, three and four-bedroom homes with a carport and patio. Further questions may be directed to the base housing representatives at 722-8156.

While awaiting permanent housing you will be drawing a TLA (Temporary Living Allowance). Every 10 days you will be required to pay your hotel bill and take the receipt to the Housing Office for reimbursement. Be advised that your TLA may be stopped if you are not actively searching for housing.