Ramstein AB, Germany – Fall is finally here! The leaves have changed color, and the crisp autumn air is all around us, which means its the perfect time to go out and enjoy the many hiking paths around the area. If you are new to the area or just haven’t had a chance to go out and explore, Ramstein Outdoor Recreation is here for you. They offer tons of opportunities to get out and discover the natural surroundings here in Germany and beyond.

This past weekend there were two exciting adventures offered by Outdoor Recreation, a trek to the Geierlay Suspension Bridge on Saturday along with a combination hike and rappel trip to Altfels in Klettersteig on Sunday. Both programs welcomed all levels of participants, from those who were new to hiking; to experienced pathfinders.

On Saturday, clear blue sunny skies lead a van full of adventure seekers towards the Geirlay Suspension Bridge, making it ideal to take in the beauty of the Mosel River Valley while crossing the bridge. Where on the other side a pleasant five-kilometer hike awaited. The over all combination of beautiful weather and good company made for an excellent trek. After a full day of hiking, it was time to head to Cochem for dinner. The quaint cobblestone streets surrounded with classic German architecture, which may have used a professional with a construction management degree, were filled with delicious restaurant options to choose from. The vineyards and autumn foliage create the perfect ambiance to conclude a great day with Ramstein Outdoor Recreation.

Bright and early the next day, the van was repacked with equipment and eager hikers to begin their trip to Klettersteig and the Altfels rock formation. Upon arriving on location it was clear that the early morning fog would make for an eerie start to the days adventure. With an estimated 10km hike and rappel combination planned, the group was split into two teams. One team went straight to the Altfels rock formation for an early morning rappel, while the second team tackled the long forrest hike. Both teams set out on their way on separate paths. By early afternoon the sun broke through the clouds, which became evident atop the Altfels rock formation. The view reached all the way across to the Saar River Valley, making it the perfect way to end another exciting Outdoor Recreation trip.

For more information about Ramstein Outdoor Recreation trips, head over to 86fss.com/outdoor-rec