A VAT form is a document that you can use on the economy to receive tax relief on purchases. The amount of tax relief varies from store to store and can be from 7%-19%. The goods and services purchased must be for the sole benefit of the authorized user. VAT forms are $7 per form or $70 for 10. The NF-2 price is now $90.  A customer may have up to 10 forms outstanding at any one time under the sponsors’ DoD ID.

There is a 7-day window upon arrival to Germany to purchase VAT forms for hotels and car rentals.

HOW DO YOU BUY A VAT FORM? Visit the VAT office and register for tax relief. Determine the type of tax relief purchase you need: Under 2,500 Euro Un-priced purchase orders

  • You may acquire up to 10 forms at one time.
  • The forms are valid for 2 years from the issue.
  • The forms may only be used by persons listed in box 6 or 9.

Over 2,500 Euro Priced purchase orders

  • You first need to obtain a cost estimate made out to the 86FSS tax relief office and customer
  • The VAT Office will process the application, the German tax document (Abwicklungsschein), and the payment method that the vendor and customer select (e.g. certified US dollar or Euro check).  All checks must be made payable to 86th FSS and the vendor.

*You then deliver the payment along with the purchase order to the German company to place the order. Pay the VAT office for the service you are purchasing.

  • Deliver the orders and purchase payment to the vendor.
  • Ensure that the vendor and you complete, sign, and date your transaction.
  • The vendor keeps the German tax document (Abwicklungsschein) and one copy of the purchase order.
  • The customer keeps the first carbon (pink copy) and the original (white copy) is returned to the VAT office.

NOTE If you purchase 10 VAT forms, you must return your used VAT forms before you will be able to purchase more. Only 10 VAT forms can be issued to a sponsor at once (this includes authorized family members). Never pay the VAT tax and then attempt the tax relief at a later date. This is against the law and in violation of the US Forces tax relief policy.