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DSN: 480-5309
CIV: 06371-47-5309

VAT & UTAP Office Hours

Mon-Fri: 0800-1600

Closed on Federal Holidays, Family Days, and Weekends.



Building 2118, Harmon Avenue
Ramstein Air Base, DE

The Ramstein VAT and UTAP Office are officially accepting walk-ins as appointments are no longer required. To ensure you have all required documentation prior to your visit, please scroll down to view or email us at Please note, previously scheduled appointments will have priority.

About Us

The VAT (Value Added Tax) Office is a wonderful way to save up to 19% on purchases made on the local economy. There are two types of forms: one for purchases under 2,500€ and one for purchases over 2,500€. VAT forms can be purchased from your local VAT Office for a small fee.  To purchase a form, please bring your ID with you.