The goal of TEENSupreme is to promote character and leadership among Club teens. Older adolescents need positive group experiences that help them cultivate good character and effective leadership skills so they can become productive, responsible, and caring citizens.

Boys and girls, ages 14-18, can join the TEENSupreme Keystone Club program, which is one of the premier youth leadership and service programs in America. It is also the Boys and Girls Clubs Movement’s most dynamic teen program. Founded in 1964, Keystone meets adolescents’ vitally important need for a positive group experience. With the guidance of an adult advisor, opportunities are extended to teens to make decisions and serve others.

Keystone is a small-group program designed to help teen members become more productive citizens and leaders. Young people get the chance to act on their humanitarian ideals through the Keystone experience by building self-respect and strong attachments to family and community. Keystone Clubs consist of an adult advisor and eight to 15 young men and women who elect their own officers and plan and implement their own activities in six core areas: character and leadership, service to club and community, education and career exploration, free enterprise, unity, and social recreation.

Service and leadership are the hallmarks of the TEENSupreme Keystone Club experience. All Keystone Club activities stress service and leadership. Keystone is learning in the best sense of the word because it is integrated with action. It is a unique character development experience that gives young people the opportunity to contribute something of value to others and to have a voice in how that contribution is made.