Resource Protection

Phone & Email

Sandra D. Johnson, Resource Protection Manager
DSN: 480-6035 || CIV: 06371-47-6035

Elizabeth McCormick, Deputy Chief
DSN: 480-2453 || CIV: 06371-47-2453

Scott M. Wooley​, Flight Chief
DSN: 480-5979 || CIV: 06371-47-5979

Open Hours

Mon-Fri: 0800-1700
Sat-Sun & Holidays: Closed


Building 2118
Harmon Avenue
Ramstein Air Base, DE

About Us

Your Resource Protection Team stands ready to assist you in defining clear objectives that support Air Force operations and assets. We are dedicated to empowering you with the effective guidance needed for successful activity operations in support of the mission. The Resource Team accomplishes this by offering access to resources of various learning tools to equip you to meet the daily challenges unique to your specific environment. You are the pulse and lifeline of the KMC community and we are here to support you!  Please reach out to us at any time for your resource protection needs. We are here for you!


What We Offer

Specialized Training

  • Anti-Robbery
  • Cash Handling
  • Tailored Internal Controls Standards
  • Staff Assistance Visits

Regulations and Guidance

  • AFMAN 34-202 – Procedures For Protecting Nonappropriated Funds Asset
  • AFI 34-208 – Nonappropriated Fund Property and Liability
  • 86FSS OI 34-217 – NAF Operational Procedures For Cash Handling

Special Considerations On How To File Insurance Claims