Ramstein Bowling Center

Hours of Operation

About Us

The Ramstein Bowling Center is a bowler’s paradise. Our knowledgeable, caring professionals are ready to help you with all your bowling needs.

Ramstein Bowling Center Features:

  • 32 Brunswick Synthetic lanes with Qubica/AMF 82-90xli pin spotters. Bumpers are available for family bowling!
  • Qubica automatic scoring with the Bowling Entertainment System (BES) and 16 different scoring themes to choose from
  • Open Bowling programs – different programs and discounts each day!
  • Birthday parties are our specialty
  • Squadron parties & Fundraisers
  • Hail and Farewells
  • A full-service pro shop
  • Slot machine game room
  • Full-service snack bar


What We Offer

Food & Drink

Strike Zone Grill 86


MasterCard & Visa

Pro Shop Services

3 Holes: $40
2 Holes: $35
1 Hole: $25
BFO Finger Tips: $50

BFO Conventional: $35
Minor Adjust: $5
Thumb Inserts: $10.50
Finger Inserts: $6.50

Resurfacing: $30
Finess-It Polish: $15
Name Removal: $8
Engraving: $?

Contact Us


DSN: 480-0725
CIV: 06371-47-0725

Open Hours

Mon-Sun: Closed


Building 2139, Lawn Avenue
Ramstein Air Base, DE