What is “For Us by Us” Fundraising?

AFI 34-223, Private Organizations Program, Attachment 1, defines “For us, by us” fundraising. It includes activities wherein organizations composed primarily of DoD employees or their dependents fundraise among their own members for the benefit of welfare funds for their own members or their dependents.”  Paragraph 1.3.1 states that POs are not considered “for us, by us” fundraising entities within the meaning of the Joint Ethics Regulation, Section 3-210(a) (6).

IAW AFI 36-3101, paragraph, allows for “for us, by us” fundraising activities, when small amounts of cash are collected to assist unit members with personal misfortune.  Such collections “should be completely voluntary, anonymous (e.g., passing around collection envelope)…”  Employees are not limited in the amount they contribute, however, the amount solicited from employees should not exceed $10.

IAW AFI 36-3101, paragraphs 5.1., ad hoc fundraising efforts should not interfere with, or detract from, the CFC or AFAF Campaigns.

These fundraisers do count towards you 3 fundraisers allowed in a quarter.

If you have any questions on if your fundraiser falls under “For us by Us” please feel free to contact the Private Organization Administrator.

Fundraising during Combined Federal and Air Force Assistance Fund Campaigns

Fundraising during campaigns is extremely limited. Please plan early in the year for your organization’s budget and fundraising events. There is are some exemptions when it comes to having a fundraiser during campaign times. Due to the strict regulations, approval of fundraisers during these times can take up to 60 days, if approved at all. Fundraisers include, but not limited to, funds and/or items raised for local or outside organizations/groups. Please try to plan accordingly and not last minute, as last-minute requests cannot be expedited. For more information please see the AFI guidance below.

AFI32-3101 Chapter 5 Paragraph 5.1, Requests for Other Fundraising during campaigns. Ad hoc fundraising efforts should generally not interfere with or detract from, the Combined Federal Campaign or Air Force Assistance Fund Campaigns. However, because of the annual timing of the campaign, ad hoc fundraising to support unit holiday parities is allowed during the Combined Federal Campaign. No workplace (desk-to-desk) fundraising or payroll deductions are authorized to support NonFederal Entities or Private Organizations other than the Air Force Assistance Fund and Combined Federal Campaigns.  Limited workplace (desk-to-desk) fundraising is allowed by unit unofficial activities/social funds. 5.2. Official Endorsement. Under DOD 5500.07R, The Joint Ethics Regulation (JER), Section 3-210.a., Air Force employees shall not officially endorse, or appear to endorse, fundraising for any non-Federal entity except for those specifically identified therein. (T-0).  The Joint Ethics Regulation permits official support and endorsement of the Combined Federal Campaign and Air Force Assistance Fund charities. 5.3. Fundraising/Support in an Official Capacity. 5.3.1. Other than the Air Force Assistance Fund and Combined Federal Campaign, Joint Ethics Regulation, Section 3-210 allows official support and endorsement of efforts to raise funds only in very limited circumstances.  The well-meaning or charitable benefit that other such fundraising efforts may bestow on those in need is not a factor in approving such support and endorsement.

What are the rules about Fundraisers?

  • To conduct on and off-base fundraising, interested groups must be in good standing
  • Any and all fundraisers held on and off-base must be requested through the Private Organizations Office.
  • Fundraise in uniform
  • Both POs and UAs may conduct three (3) fundraisers per calendar quarter, with the approval of the Installation Commander or designee
  • POs and UAs must not engage in activities that duplicate or compete with activities of the AAFES or 86 FSS.
  • Direct solicitation of cash donations on base is prohibited.
  • POs may not conduct games of chance, lotteries, raffles, or other gambling type activities except as provided in AFI 34-223 paragraph 10.20 and UAs may not conduct any of the above under any circumstances.
  • Download and complete the fundraiser request form. Add all necessary information, obtain facility or building manager approval and signature before submitting your request. If the fundraiser involves food obtain training, approval, and signature from Public Health. If the fundraiser is during COVID restrictions, a COVID plan must be submitted with the request form.
  • Fundraising during CFC and AFAF drives is very limited and is a much longer process. Please see AFI 34-223 and AFI 36-3101 for guidance. Fundraiser requests can take up to 60 days for approval during this time. No advertisement can be done till approved. It is suggested to submit the fundraiser’s request as soon as possible.