The Post Offices will be closed on the following family days/holidays

– Friday 22 Oct 2021
– Friday 29 Oct 2021
– Monday 1 Nov 2021
– Friday 12 Nov 2021 (In observance of Veterans Day)
– Friday 26 Nov 2021 (In observance of Thanksgiving)
Holiday Volunteer Information
HO HO HO-liday Season is upon us once again and 786th Postal Operations needs your help to deliver incredible cheer to our amazing customers! Did you know that from November to January, military mail volume at Ramstein and Kapaun increases by an average of 66%?! Just like Santa we rely heavily on Volunteers to accomplish our deliveries so that everyone in the KMCC is able to experience the joy of the season!
Would you like to be one of our Holiday Helpers this year? Volunteers get some really great perks!
Volunteer Time (Monthly) Perks:
3 hours = 1 Skip the Line
5 hours = 2 Skip the Lines
7 hours = 4 Skip the Lines
8+ hours = 5 Skip the Lines, Wall of Fame, Annual Volunteer Brunch Invitation
Holiday Season mail surge typically runs from the beginning of November until the end of January. The Postal Team appreciates your patience and assistance during this time!
Walk-ins are welcome!