Military Dining Facilities

Rheinland Inn

Open Hours

Mon-Fri        Breakfast: 0600-0800        Lunch: 1100-1300        Dinner: 1630-1900        Midnight Meal: 2300-0030Sat-Sun & Holidays/Family Days        Brunch: 0800-1300        Dinner: 1630-1900        Midnight Meal: 2300-0030


DSN: 480-3416
CIV: 06371-47-3416


Building 2107, Mitchell Avenue
Ramstein Air Base, DE

Lindberg Hof

  • Send all flight meal orders to the Jawbone Org Box at
  • All flight meals must be placed at least 3 hours prior to required delivery time
  • The link to the flight meal order form can be found below under ‘What We Offer’

On-Call Phone



DSN: 489-6467
CIV: 0631-536-6467


Building 2791, 9th Avenue
Kapaun Air Station, DE

Jawbone Flight Kitchen

Open Hours

Breakfast: 0600-0800
Lunch: 1100-1300
Dinner: 1700-1900
Mid-night Meal: 2300-0100


DSN: 480-6059
CIV: 06371-47-6059


Building 3332
Ramstein Air Base, DE

About Us


Provide wholesome and nutritional meals at all Force Support feeding operations. Provide combat feeding at deployed locations and bare base operations. Maintain Air Force Fit to Fight program.


Foodservice professionals building customer-oriented programs by creating innovative solutions responsive to tomorrow’s needs.

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Welcome to the Rheinland Inn DFAC! We provide you with nutritious, quality meals three times a day. Our professionally trained staff prepares a wide variety of delicious menu items in accordance with strict, health, and nutritional standards. Our facility features a full complement of dining choices, including a full-service mainline, snack line and sandwich bar. We also offer a salad bar, soup, and Grab-N-Go service to meet your daily needs. For a pleasant dining atmosphere, enjoy your meal in one of our two themed dining rooms.

In addition to our regular meals, we also offer a variety of different specialty meals, including, Mongolian, customer appreciation, holiday, and ethnic meals. Our special meals are served on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays – even your birthday! We offer a quarterly birthday meal, complete with a cake. If your birthday lies within the three month period, you’re invited to stop by and celebrate with us!

The Lindberg Hof dining facility provides healthy and delicious meals with outstanding service. In addition, the facility holds many special events throughout the year, such as customer appreciation meals and deployed spouse dinners. The Lindberg offers a choice of take-out foods through their Grab & Go Service as well as dine-in seating during peak meal times for all airmen. They also have special food theme days occurring each week ranging from Mexican to Southern, German, and Italian.

The Lindberg Hof dining facility is located on Kapaun Air Station and is convenient for those attending the NCO Academy or for those stationed on Kapuan or Vogelweh.

Welcome to the Jawbone Flight Kitchen! We support the busiest Fleet Service in USAFE! The Jawbone Flight Kitchen is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide nutritious, appetizing box meals to passengers and crew of Air Force aircraft and other authorized patrons. Please stop by and visit us! The Jawbone is located at Bldg 3332, next to the Passenger Terminal on Ramstein AB.