TAP 3 Day Workshop

Virtual 2-4, 16-18 May 0800-1630

Mandatory workshop for service members retiring or separating from military.  Includes DOD Day, VA Benefits & Services, &DOL 1 Day/EFCT

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

6 May 1000-1300

A&FRC, Ramstein Chaplains, and Community Cares Partners present the 2nd Annual Military Spouse Appreciation Day
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TAP: Pre-Separation Counseling

Virtual 10, 31 May 0830-1100

The second step in the TAP process. Should be completed NLT 365 days from DOS/DOR. Service members will be counseled based on the pre-separation counseling script. Will receive information on resources and programs they may be eligible for as transitioning service members

TAP: Vocational Workshop

Virtual 10-11 May 0800-1630

Department of Labor workshop to identify skills, increase awareness of training and credentialing programs, and develop an action plan to achieve career goals.

TAP Employment Workshop

Virtual 5-6, 19-20 May 0800-1630

DOL Employment track designed to teach retiring and separating service members valuable employment seeking skills such as: Resumes, cover letters, application processes, LMI, social media use, networking, and much more

Ditch the Dorm

In Person 3, 17 May 0900-1130

Workshop to assess if Airmen are financially ready to move out of the dorms and onto the economy.

**Contact your Dorm Manager to register**

Retirement Planning Starter

In Person 9 May 1000-1100

Are you enrolled in the Blended Retirement System (BRS)?  Are you approaching your two year mark in the military?  Congratulations, you are now fully vested in the TSP.  This mandatory Financial Touchpoints will discuss making the most of your TSP investments.

First Duty Station Enlisted

Professional Development Center 5, 19 May 0730-1145

Goal Setting and budgeting, credit and debt management, car buying, banking and checkbook management, and basic investing.  **Contact the PDC to register**


Virtual 6,13, 20,27 May 1430-1530

Required for returning deployers

Pre Deployment Brief

Virtual 3,5 May 1430-1530

Overview of deployment fundamentals and programs and services available to member and remaining family members.

German Culture Orientation

A&FRC 13 May 1000-1200

This program is designed to give the newcomers to the KMC community the tools needed to familiarize themselves with this assignment and all this wonderful area has to offer. Topics that will be covered during the orientation include: Understanding German Culture, Driving, Recycling and Customs.

Navigating EFMP

Virtual 12 May 1500-1600

EFMP-Family Support, EFMP-Medical, EFMP-Assignments, Tricare/ECHO, AF Respite Care, and Military Child Education School Liaison Office. The session will cover-What is EFMP?

EFMP Little Picasso Grab-n-Go Art Kits

Pick up @ Ramstein Bowling Center 13 May 1100-1300

DIY art (paint) kits available for EFMP children and teenagers

Key Spouse Annual Training

A&FRC 24 May 1600-2000

Newly appointed Key Spouses are given initial training to become a Key Spouse per guidance.

Loss of BAS II Brief

A&FRC 26 May 1300-1400

Financial briefing to prepare Airmen living in the dorms at Ramstein for loss of BAS II (Sav Pay).

Saving and Investing

Hybrid 24 May 1100-1230

Workshop covering various aspects of savings and investing.

Newcomers Brief

11, 25 May 0800-1200 In person @ Community Center

Newcomer Orientation provides all newly assigned Members; Active Duty, DoD Civilians/Contractors, GSU’s and spouses with information from various base agencies to assist in their assimilation to the KMC.

Registration on Appointment Plus: https://booknow.appointment-plus.com/9rm3mcns/

Supervisor of Volunteer Orientation

A&FRC 4 May 1000-1120

Learn the ins and outs of supervising volunteers.

Volunteering in the KMC

A&FRC 5 May 1000-1130

Learn about volunteer Opportunities and the process for becoming a volunteer in the KMC.

Sponsorship Training for CSSs

Virtual 5 May 1300-1430

Workshop informs CSS personnel on Sponsorship requirements prior to assigning sponsorship duties to unit members.

Bundles for Babies

A&FRC 3 May 0830-1130

Workshop provides expectant parents with a variety of information including: how to care for infants, budgeting for the family, lactation, car seat safety, and infant safety, and more. A $50 gift card from AFAS is provided to eligible participants.

Key Spouse Luncheon

In person @ O’Club 19 May 1130-1300

Key Spouses and Mentors connect with a local agency to gain education to assist their units and given an opportunity to engage with base leadership