Fitness Assessments

Open Hours

Assessment Cell Appointment Only –
Location: Ramstein Air Base – Select Base Agency: Fitness Assessment Cell


Building 2117, Harmon Avenue
Ramstein Air Base, DE


DSN: 480-0295
CIV: 06371-47-0295

Please read thoroughly


PTL/UFPM Training is walk-in only due to the sign-up being down. Members will show up for the scheduled training and sign in upon arrival. 
PTL-B Training: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Friday @ 0900
UFPM Training: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Friday @ 1000 
FAC Hours of Operation- Closed on ALL American Holidays and Wing down-days
(FA Standard Testing: Monday-Thursday @ 0800, 1000, 1300, 1500.)
**( 20 Meter HAMR run is every Tuesday @0800 and Thursday @ 1500)**
(FA WALK-TESTING ONLY: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Friday @ 0800)
(FAC Administration Day: Last duty day of the Month= NO TESTING)
**All testers must arrive 15 minutes early in any version of the official PT gear IAW AFMAN 36-2905 and hand-carry their CAC, Scorecard (AF Form 4446) and Fitness Screening questionnaire (FSQ)(rev. 20201211). 
AFMAN 36-2905, Fitness Program, Requires Airmen to complete their FSQ  7-30 calendar days prior to taking the fitness assessment. If the FSQ is not completed 7 calendar days prior to the fitness assessment, the member may test if all FSQ answers indicate member is medically cleared to test, or you will, unfortunately, be turned away. 
The FSQ ( AF Form 4446A) can be found on our SharePoint
Frequently Asked Questions 
Q1: What do we do for members who fail since we can’t access BeWell? 
A1: You can use military source one or any local program your base offers and annotate the dates on the AF Form 108.
Q2. Can we input members scores from BMT or Tech school?
A2: Only if the member brings in the paper from BMT/Tech school with the fitness results.
Q3. How many Diagnostic tests can a member get in a year?
A3: Airman may attempt at least one but no more than three diagnostic PFAs per calendar year.
Q4: If I’m exempt from let’s say the run component, and I meet the minimum requirements for push up/sit-ups do I still pass my fitness test?
A4: No, The Fitness test is based on a point system. Even though you may have passed on all components you tested on, you still need at least a 75% to pass the Fitness Assessment.
Q5. What are the requirements to do a Diagnostic test?
A5: Airmen who have a current PFA on file (regardless of score or exemption status on last PFA) and are not presently exempt may voluntarily complete a diagnostic PFA no later than 15 calendar days prior to the expiration of their current PFA (scheduling subject to training and mission needs). Airman who are not current are not eligible to take a diagnostic PFA.