Enhanced Educational Benefits with EagleVision Classes

As with most things, COVID-19 changed higher education. Over the last two years, students have had to adjust to taking classes virtually or online across the world. This shift to a virtual learning environment has certainly allowed academic progress, accessibility, and flexibility to enroll in classes regardless of location and work schedules. While Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is no stranger to online classes, ERAU has taken it one step further by offering a virtual synchronous modality called EagleVision, which allows students real-time interaction with instructors and classmates.

In ERAU’s EagleVision classes, students have the option to attend at a designated classroom on base. These classes offer the extra benefit of participating in a real classroom environment with other classmates using live streaming to connect with their instructors from all around the globe. All necessary electronic equipment is provided and readily available for students to connect and attend their scheduled course meetings.

Instructors use Zoom to provide real-time lectures and discussions allowing for collaborative interactions and more dynamic conversations. In addition, 70% of the course assignments are completed during the established class times, with only 30% of the requirements to be done outside of class time. In addition, a playback recording of each class session is also available. For students with busy schedules, this may be the best option to take classes and progress through their degree while being able to build a strong relationship with their professors, industry experts in their field, and even receive mentoring from them through their academic career.

Abel Carrillo, BS in Aeronautics says: “Embry-Riddle leverages technology with Zoom and all of its features of whiteboard instruction overlayed with PowerPoint and other utilities—it was like being in a classroom! The instructor even has open hours done via Zoom, so the experience is just like in-person instruction. I really enjoy EagleVision courses and felt they helped me succeed with my more difficult classes. It is my preferred method, and I always look for them in my curriculum.”

Enhance your learning experience and enroll in EagleVision classes starting 21 March. Some of the offerings include MATH112- Applied Calculus for Aviation, MMIS320- Business Information Systems, SFTY350- Aircraft Crash & Emergency Management, and WEAX201- Meteorology I! Contact your local campus and learn more about any of these courses requirements, and about EagleVision courses available for your degree program.