1. Must be 18 years or older, DOD ID Card Holder, All Ranks are Welcome
  2. Entertainment purposes only
  3. Casino chips have no cash value
  4. Casino Tables open at 1830 and ends at 2030
  5. Auction starts at 2100
  6. Register in Advance $20 ( ); or $25 at the door for VIP Package
  7. VIP Package includes:  1000 chips, food, speed bingo card, VIP bidding on VIP Prizes, Auction Paddle, Bougie Bag!
  8. Admission is free without VIP Package and includes: 1000 chips and an Auction paddle
  9. Sponsored in part by : Euler Group Military Sales, Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, Used Car Guys, Mirascon Insurance Solutions
  10. All rules and regulations are subject to change at the discretion of the 86FSS Marketing department.