Facebook Promotion Rules:

We want to see your karaoke skills! For the WHOLE month of September, you have the chance to submit a Carpool Karaoke video for a chance to win one of three prizes – Bose sound system, headphones, $50 iTunes gift card. Plus, an entry into the BMW giveaway!

Rules: The person who submits the video will get an entry into the BMW giveaway and the monthly prizes if drawn. Each individual in the car can also submit the video for an entry into the BMW giveaway and for one of three prizes.

Note: You must be a DOD ID card holder, over the age of 18 and live in the KMC area to enter.

Facebook, Bose, iTunes and BMW are not affiliated with this giveaway.

Commander’s Challenge Rules:

86FSS Commander, Major Natosha Reed is challenging KMC area squadrons, units, platoons, battalions, offices, wings and groups to a Carpool Karaoke Challenge. These groups have the WHOLE month of September to submit videos or Youtube links to 86fss.marketing@us.af.mil for a chance to win a pizza party.

Rules: Squadron, unit, platoon, battalion, office, wing and group videos CANNOT be submitted for the September BMW giveaway on Ramstein FSS’ Facebook page. However, individuals of those groups can submit a separate video for an entry into the promotion. 86FSS will supply up to 15 pizzas to the winning group.