Ramstein AB, Germany– After 243 days of promotion, the 86th Force Support Squadron hosted the BMW Final Event on Friday, 22 February, at the Woodlawn Golf Course. This long awaited event determined the lucky winner, after receiving almost 8,000 entries through 4 different ways to win. The KMC community had the opportunity to enter for the dream car via 8 social media campaigns, attending over 30 events where entries were taken, completing 86 FSS Passports, and simply attending the BMW Final Event. 

Once the three finalists were chosen, it was clear we needed to find a way to deliver the good news.   So, on 12 February, David O’Brien (our 86 FSS Passport finalist) was surprised by the 86 FSS Command team at his squadrons Commanders’ Call. Then, on 13 February, Tricia Dempsey Rabineau (our social media finalist) got more than what she thought was an early Valentine’s Day gift while visiting the 86 FSS Marketing Department. To top it all off, later that day, Danielle Coe (our event finalist) visited her husbands squadron only to discover that it wasn’t just an average visit, she had become our third finalist for the BMW giveaway.

After much anticipation throughout the KMC, the day had finally arrived for the BMW Final Event. Attendees watched AFN Kaiserslautern host their afternoon show live, snacked on free pizza and wings, and entered for door prizes but most importantly – to become the 4th finalist. With O’Brien, Rabineau, and Coe already selected – there was only room for one other person on that stage. After receiving 300 entries, 86 Force Support Squadron Commander Major Natosha Reed, selected one name from the golden tumbler- Justin Tischler. 

With all the finalist selected, there was one thing left to do. Four keys hung on a board, but only one key started the car. After O’Brien, Rabineau, Coe, and Tischler personally selected their key, it was time to learn who’s key started the BMW. Danielle Coe sat in the car first, pushed the “Start” button but unfortunately, nothing happened. Next, Tricia Dempsey Rabineau sat in the car but like Coe, the car didn’t start. But neither went home empty handed as they were both rewarded with  $500 FSS gift-cards.  Then, David O’Brien sat in the car and with push of a button – it lit up! The crowd went wild as O’Brien tried to come to his senses that he won the brand new BMW 320i. Throughout the chaos, we couldn’t forget about Justin Tischler who was rewarded with an all inclusive trip to Orchardleigh Estate.

The event was not only a night to remember, but a long time in the making. The entire 86 Force Support Squadron promoted this giveaway consistently for 6 months straight. It would not have been possible without everyones tireless dedication to get the whole community involved in this event. A big thank you to all our sponsors who helped make this possible, it would not have been the same without the support of AdvantiPro, RTT Travel, Orchardleigh Estate and of course, Euler Group for providing us with the BMW 320i! 

Throughout this past year, the 86th Force Support Squadron gave back $4,806,374.13; what do you think we will do for the community next?