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The Ramstein Arts and Crafts Center is the perfect place to explore your creative side. Our center features a woodcraft area, craft store, and engraving center. We also offer a variety of classes for adults and children. Monthly class schedules are available at the center and include cake decorating and more. The Arts and Crafts Center is located in Building 411 (same building as the Ramstein Teen Center) and Building 552 (Northside Fitness).

*As the Center is currently re-locating several workshops and this is not yet reflected in this website, it is advised to first call Customer Service before you go to the Center.


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Customer Service Phone

DSN: 478-8394
CIV: 06371-405-8394

Engraving Services Phone

DSN: 478-8392
CIV: 06371-405-8392

Open Hours

Mon-Fri: 1000-1700
Sat-Sun & Holidays: Closed


Building 411, Jefferson Avenue
Ramstein Air Base, DE