Aquatic Center Lane Reservation


  1. Your request must be completed a minimum of 7 days in advance of your event.
  2. Minimum 1-hour duration per event – this may start on the hour or half-hour.
  3. A supervisor will review and approve the request, or offer an alternative time. If the reservation is approved, the POC listed is responsible for payment. Reservations are not confirmed until all payments are paid in full – please make your payments at the Aquatic Center.
  4. Pool admission fees still apply, you are renting the space limited to your group during the reserved time.
  5. Reservation modifications require 48 hours of notification and are subject to approval. Limit one modification.
  6. Cancellations require 48 hours of notification for a full refund. No refunds otherwise.
  7. It is prohibited to conduct a swimming lesson in our pool for personal or monetary gain. The exception is parents working with their children.
  8. Exceptions to availability will be made on a case-by-case basis according to other scheduled activities.


Lanes are $11.25 per hour/per lane

Dive well is $25 per hour & requires extra staffing

Additionally, we charge the $3-day fee or allow the use of a month/year pass.


Please give us a call DSN 478-7665 or CIV 06371-405-7665

Option 1

Option 2