Battle of the Battleships


Who: All DoD/NATO Units, Squadrons, Divisions, Brigades, Flights, and Offices in KMC and Europe.

What: Build and race your own boat made of ONLY cardboard and duct tape.

Why:  To have the mightiest cardboard boat in the KMC!

Cost: $25 per team (4 Person Max)


Fastest Times   1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place
Spirit Award   Boat, Crew, Dress, & Overall Spirit
Last Man Standing   Last Boat Floating
Davy Jones’ Locker   1st Boat to Sink
The Most Outstanding Design   Best Overall

Rules & Regulations

  1. Boats may be any shape and size*, but ONLY cardboard and duct-tape are allowed. Prohibited items include (but are not limited to) cloth, wood, markers, plastic, foam, metal, glue, other types of tape, resin, wax, crayon, and paint of any sort. Flags will be allowed if they are suspended using only cardboard and duct tape.
  2. The boats will be prefabricated at the member’s location. It will be inspected on the day of the race to ensure that proper guidelines are followed. Any materials other than cardboard and duct tape will result in immediate disqualification. This includes non-duct tape decoration.
  3. Paddles can be made out of cardboard and duct tape, but we will have paddles for use on the pool deck for those who wish to use them.
  4. There must be between 2 and 4 people on a team, and at least 2 people must be inside the boat during the race.  Lunch will be included for each official team member
  5. Your team will be able to participate in two events: the Race and the Challenge Round. The race is to record your time, and the challenge round is for “personal redemption”. You may attempt to impede the progress of your fellow sailors during either event as long as you only target the boats, and not the participants themselves. Water guns are allowed in the boats.  Spectators or team members outside the boat may not touch the boats while in play.
  6. The removal of the boats from the facility is each team’s responsibility. Teams are responsible for dismantling their boats after the race. A designated disposal point will be available.
  7. All other Ramstein Aquatic Center Health and Safety Rules apply.
  8. Each crew member must sign a liability form prior to the race.
  9. Each crew member in the vessel must be wearing a US Coast Guard Approved life vest. Costumes are allowed and encouraged, but a USCG approved life vest must be worn over it – life vests and paddles will be provided by the aquatic center!
  10. Have fun!
    *Note: Though any size boat is allowed, please be aware that the walkway at its narrowest point is only seven feet wide, and the entry doors are approximately 8ft x 8ft.


Liability Form

Complete and turn into Aquatic Center
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