Due to current COVID-19 precautions and guidance, ALL in-seat TAP classes are canceled through October 2020.TAP continues to be mandatory and all curriculum will be completed virtually. We are prioritizing those separating or retiring within 120 days. If you are within this window, contact us as soon as possible. Please email the TAP Org Box at with any questions or concerns.

The Transition Assistance Program is designed to make separation or retirement from service a well-planned, organized, and thoughtful progression that empowers Service members to make informed career decisions, be competitive in a global workforce, and become positive contributors to their communities.


Service members are required to initiate the TAP process no later than 365 days from the date of separation or retirement.  However, the process cannot begin until within 24 months from retirement or within 18 months from separation. You can find a comprehensive timeline for the entire process here: (Managing Your Transition Time).


PHASE 1 – Individualized Initial Counseling: It must be completed NLT 365 days prior to transition and by-law, it is required as the FIRST phase in the process. During this appointment, TAP Counselors and Servicemembers discuss transition needs and goals. Ultimately, SMs are placed in a Tier (1, 2, or 3) that meets their needs and goals.

PHASE 2 – Pre-separation Counseling: It must be completed NLT 365 days prior to transition. During Pre-separation Counseling appointment or briefing, we discuss programs and services you may be eligible for as a veteran and review the entire transition process. This must be completed prior to attending the TAP workshop.

PHASE 3 – Transition “TAP” Workshop: Comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare Service members for their transition. It includes mandatory requirements such as: DoD Training Day, the Department of Labor Employment Workshop (DOLEW), and the VA Benefits & Services briefing. Additional 2-day tracks are available to you based on your transition goals and needs. These include Employment, Vocational, Education, or Entrepreneurship. They are provided by experts in these fields such as the Department of Labor, Education Center, and Small Business Association.

PHASE 4 – Capstone Event (Finalizing DD Form 2648): Service members show evidence they have completed Career Readiness Standards (CRS) and have a viable Individual Transition Plan (ITP). The purpose of the Capstone event is to evaluate a Service member’s preparedness to successfully transition from military to civilian life/career/education/entrepreneurship and/or vocational training. Capstone events must be completed NLT 90 days prior to your date of separation or retirement. You will need the resulting DD Form 2648 (signed by your Commander) to out-process the Installation.


By law and per DoDI 1322.35, you are required to initiate TAP mandates NLT 365 days from your date of separation (DOS) or date of retirement (DOR). You are also required to complete TAP mandates NET 365 and NLT 90 days from your DOS or DOR.

You can only attend a TAP workshop if you are within 18 months from separation or within 24 months of retirement.

Completing TAP is YOUR responsibility and not doing so in a timely manner can significantly impact the transition process.  You will not be able to out-process the base without completing TAP mandates.

1. Review the following documents to assist you in TAP registration:
TAP Workshop 2020 Schedule (select 3 preferred workshop dates & ensure cleared with leadership): LINK
TAP Workshop 2021 Schedule (select 3 preferred workshop dates & ensure cleared with leadership): LINK
TAP Additional 2 Day Tracks 2021 Schedule (select a preferred additional track/date & ensure approval with leadership): LINK
If you are a GSU or not assigned to Ramstein AB, review our TAP policy letter: LINK
      Nearest TAP Office list: LINK
      If you are located at a US Embassy or Consulate, read section 2.d carefully in the TAP policy letter.

2. Complete ALL documents listed below and email them to: These documents will be carefully reviewed and used to help determine your TAP requirements and registration in a workshop. Incomplete documents will delay the process significantly.
Acknowledgment of Guidelines and Understanding for TAP attendance: LINK
Service member self-assessment: LINK
Service member additional information assessment: LINK
Pages 1-3 (up to section A only) of the Individual Transition Plan (ITP): LINK

Note: An A&FRC staff member will respond to you within 7 business days to address issues and/or register you for a TAP workshop.


Approximately 5 business days prior to your 3 Day TAP Workshop, you will receive an instruction email with location, ROEs, and tasks to be completed prior to the class. You will need the documents below before, during, and after the class. Click on each of the links below to review. Explanation of how these are accomplished is provided during the class.

You will need the Department of Labor Employment Fundamentals of Career Transition (EFCT) during the workshop. Download the PDF file here:

Phase 1: Initial Counseling

  • Tier 1 Brochure: LINK
  • Tier 2 Brochure: LINK
  • Tier 3 Brochure: LINK
  • Individual Transition Plan (ITP): LINK
  • DoDTAP Service Member Login Slides: LINK

PHASE 3: Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

  • MOC Crosswalk Participant Guide: LINK
  • MOC Crosswalk Gap Analysis: LINK
  • Financial Planning Participant Guide: LINK
  • Post-Transition Spend Plan Template: LINK
  • Spend Plan Instructions: LINK
  • TAP Workshop/Learning Management System Course Requirements: LINK

PHASE 2: Pre-Separation Counseling

  • TAP Workshop Agenda: LINK
  • Pre-Separation Counseling Slides: LINK
  • My Transition Timeline: LINK
  • TAP Resources Handout: LINK
  • Retrieving vMET Instructions: LINK

Phase 4: Capstone

  • Capstone Checklist (Legacy): LINK
  • Tier 1 Brochure: LINK
  • Tier 2 Brochure: LINK
  • Tier 3 Brochure: LINK




Comprehensive TAP information

AF TAP information

TAP Workshop/Learning Management System

VA Benefits Advisor Contact Information: DSN: 480-2137 Comm: 06371472137 Cell: +49 1522 9875700


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