Check out all of the events our Airman and Family Readiness Center has for you this month!

For questions or to sign-up, contact A&FRC at 480-5100 or 06371-47-5100.

Pre Separation Counseling
1 & 22 February
0830-1130 • Virtual
This is the second step in the TAP process. Should be completed NLT 365 days from DOS/DOR.
Service members will be counseled based on the pre-separation counseling script.
Will receive information on resources and programs they may be eligible for as transitioning service members.

Ditching the Dorms
1 & 15 February
0900-1130 • Virtual
Workshop to assess if Airmen are financially ready to move out of the dorms and onto the economy.
Contact your dorm manager to register.

Sponsoring in the KMC
3 February
1300-1400 • Virtual
This is an introduction to sponsoring in the KMC. Target audience is anyone who has never been a sponsor in the KMC.
Training conducted in house at the A&FRC and for units requesting training. This is an introductory class.
Following the class individuals must take the E-sat class on Military One Source to register and obtain a certificate.

First Duty Station Officers
8 February
1400-1600 • Virtual
This is a mandatory briefing for all first duty station lieutenants. This briefing provides financial education for first term officers
and the troops they will be entrusted to supervise.
Information regarding basic financial management and relocation resources will be provided.

Newcomers Brief In Person
9, 23 February
Newcomers Brief Virtual
16 February
Newcomer Orientation provides all newly assigned Members; Active Duty, DoD Civilians/ Contractors,
GSU’s and Spouses with information from various base agencies to assist in their assimilation to the KMC.

TAP Employment Workshop
10-11 February
0800-1630 • Virtual
DOL Employment track is designed to teach retiring and separating service members valuable employment seeking skills such as:
Resumes, cover letters, application processes, LMI, social media use, networking, and much more.

Navigating EFMP Workshop
10 February
1500-1600 • Virtual
The workshop explains the basics of the EFMP program.

German Culture Orientation
11 February
1000-1200 • Virtual
This program is designed to give the newcomers to the KMC community the tools needed to familiarize themselves
with this assignment and all this wonderful area has to offer.
Topics that will be covered during the orientation includes: Understanding German Culture, Driving, Recycling and Customs.

EFMP Come be Our Valentine Grab-n-Go Goodie Bags
11 February
1400-1600 • Ramstein Bowling Center
Valentine Grab-n-Go Goodie Bags for EFMP and families of deployed members.
In the event of inclement weather, the location will change to A&FRC BLDG 2120.

Key Spouse Luncheon
17 February
0830-1130 • Virtual
Provides Key Spouses and Mentors education on-base resources and
provides an opportunity to engage with base leadership.

Key Spouse Training
22 February
0830-1230 • Virtual
Newly appointed Key Spouses are given initial training to become a Key Spouse.

Key Spouse Mentor Training
22 February
1230-1300 • Virtual
Key Spouse mentor training required for mentors.

Saving and Investing
22 February
1100-1230 • Virtual
The workshop goes over various aspects of saving and investing.

TAP Entrepreneurship Track
23-24 February
0800-1630 • Virtual
Conducted by the Small Business Administration (SBA). Service members pursuing self-employment
in the private or non-profit sector will learn about the challenges faced by entrepreneurs,
the benefits and realities of entrepreneurship, and the steps toward business ownership.