Ramstein Community Center

Hours of Operation

About Us

We offer a variety of programs and activities such as personal and professional development, performing arts, instructional classes for language, dance, martial arts, family and life skills, recreation & leisure, free spouses tour, and so much more.  We are the central place for information in the KMC community.

  • FAX Services
  • Mailbox Rental for Private Organizations
  • Games – Ping Pong, Video & Game Room
  • Wireless Internet
  • Big Screen TV
  • Room Reservation
  • Flea Markets & Craft Bazaars
  • Bingo & Family Nights
  • Concert Runs
  • Theater Productions
  • Used Book Store
  • Hertz Rental Car
  • Pizza Gallerie & Flying Pig

Hours of Operation

MON – SAT 11:00 – 19:00


Contact Us

DSN 480-6600/7187 – CIV 06371-47-6600/7187


Ramstein CC