What is Tax Free Shopping? Quite simply, Tax Free Shopping is the internationally available service, which enables you to go shop in the country you are visiting and claim back the local sales tax you pay as part of the price of the purchases you make. This easy-to-use and hassle-free service is available through major retailers and is run by the Global Refund, the world’s leader in tax refund services.

Who can shop Tax Free? Just by being a foreign visitor to another country or a non-EU resident if traveling within the EY, you are entitled to reclaim the tax paid on goods that you return home with.

How will I receive my VAT refund? There are two simple, safe and rliable ways of receiving your tax refund. You can use Global Refunds’s unrivalled sevice to claim your refund straight away in cash from any one of over 400 Cash Refund Offices around the world.

Reclaiming your tax with Global Refund is as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Shop wherever you see the Global Refund TAX FREE SHOPPING sign.  Whenever you make a purchase, just ask for the Global Refund Cheque.  You will find more than 125,000 shops around the world offering the Global Refund service where you can reclaim the taxesyou will pay on purchaes.
  2. As with all exports, you must declare your purchase at the customs office.  So when leaving the country, present your purchases and your Global Refund Cheques to Customs to get them validated.  When shopping in countries within the EU, only declare your purchases when leaving the EU.
  3. Finally, receive your cash refund by cashing your Global Refund Cheques at our nearby Cash Refund Office after you have cleared passport control or at any of our international Cash Refund Offices worldwide.